Flannel Friday: “Hooray for Hat!” by Brian Won

18222766This week, I’m working on a flannel board for Brian Won’s Hooray For Hat!, an adorably illustrated story that I hope to use multiple times this season. It’s the story of a grumpy elephant whose mood improves after receiving a mysterious boxful of hats. Feeling better, he sets out to improve the moods of his friends by sharing a hat with each of them. The story follows a simple pattern, with each animal shouting “Hooray for Hat!” as he receives the gift.

I’ll be sharing this book during a Feelings storytime in September, but I think it can lend itself to a variety of themes, including friendship, happiness, the letter H, elephants, animals in general, and — obviously — hats!


I’ll be the first to admit: my “flannel boards” don’t usually involve much flannel. I can’t sew, don’t have access to paint, and even cutting felt pushes the limits of my technical ability. What I can do easily is laminate. Usually when making a new flannel, I scour the web for usable clip art, print what I like on card stock, then cut, laminate, and back the pieces with felt to use like a flannel. The results aren’t always very durable, but they work for me.

Hooray for Hat! features six animals. I was able to find clip art that was similar in style for all of them:


The hats were a different story. The hats in this book are pretty exceptional. One features a pop-out cuckoo bird and a cupholder, equipped with drink and straw. There was just no way I could recreate that exactly, though I did try. Here’s what I came up with instead:


I had so much fun mixing and matching the hats that I decided to make some extra ones, so the kids can play after the story is over.


I also crafted a sign to use during the story. Hopefully it will remind the kids to cheer along with me!


And some animals wearing hats:


And there you have it! It should be a lot of fun, and see plenty of use. I figure I can add in the seasonal hats to make the book more relevant, no matter the time of year (for example: adding the Santa hat in December, or bunny ears in the spring).

All of the images are freely available online, but I’m happy to send along a PDF with the images sized to scale.

Happy Friday!


43 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: “Hooray for Hat!” by Brian Won

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is brilliant! Would you be able to send along the PDF to me? I’m reading this book during outreach and would love to use your clipart! Thanks so much.


  2. patti says:

    Hello, It seems we have something in common. When I have the time I usually end up making my “flannel board” pieces in a similar fashion. If you still have this available, I’d love to have the pdf also. Thank you.


  3. Heather Hooper says:

    Hi- I see this is an older post but I am doing Hooray for Hat next week. Could you send me the PDF for the characters and the hats? Great Job on this! thank you for sharing your ideas and your work!


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